Jercori Freeman Provides Five Sales Tips Everyone Should Know In Order to Survive COVID-19 News

Jercori Freeman Provides Five Sales Tips Everyone Should Know In Order to Survive COVID-19

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April 4, 2020

In a time when Americans are losing jobs at an alarming rate, bills aren’t disappearing, and people are holding on to their money, there is one essential skill you must know to survive this economical hit. SALES! The exchange of something valuable for money. “Your ability to hone your inner sales beast will determine your salary during this pandemic,” says Jercori Freeman, author of the book ‘The Art of the Sale’.

Great salespeople are different … Not different in the sense of they cannot be duplicated but, different in the sense that their mentality is not the same. Here are 5 traits of a top salesperson that sets them apart from the rest:

1. Time Management

It is said that for salespeople, on average in an 8-hour work day, only 4 hours are spent on pure work. That means 50% of the time that a person is at work they are on social media, talking with co-workers, going to the bathroom, and taking breaks amongst other things. The TOP Salesperson does not succumb to such mundane acts and stays diligent to the tasks at hand.

2. Ingenuity

The reason coworkers don’t understand why the TOP salesperson is surpassing them with flying colors is that they are still thinking in a box. The TOP salesperson possesses the ability of thinking outside of the box. While all of your coworkers are only making cold calls to the leads that are getting spoon-fed to them every day by the company, you being a TOP salesperson are calling clients who have just dropped out of your program, calling prospects who never got a follow-up call from your email queue, sourcing social media for leads, working with the company ad specialist. The thought here is that, as a TOP salesperson you should always be thinking of creative ways to fill your pipeline and always be closing.

3. Organization & Technology

Organization and technology go hand & hand more than ever in today’s workplace with the help of organizational apps and CRMs. While the average salesperson struggles to follow up with a prospect past the first or second contact, the TOP salesperson has a follow-up tool that is able to send them push notification reminders of their next tasks. They also consistently update their CRM to showcase the most accurate and updated information on clients and prospects.

4. Lifetime Learner

Most people go to work, work while at work, then they come home to relax and tend to any personal obligations they may have and repeat that process every week. The TOP salesperson understands that to get an edge they must possess knowledge. They will invest money in a conference, a course that will help take them to the next level and even senior leadership that will help position them for the next level of leadership while also perfecting their script and knowledge of their products and services.

5. Discipline

The first step to accomplish anything is through discipline and having a burning desire to win. Planning definite ways to succeed and backing these ways with persistence will surely bring success. If you master discipline, then everything that you wish to achieve in this life can become a reality. Always Be Closing!

Jercori Freeman is the author of The Art of the Sale, the sales genius program, and is the CEO of a privately held company. Freeman started out working in one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in the nation, being the #1 Sales Professional helping them go from just $5000 per month annually to over $350,000 per month in sales annually. He would later disband and start the first-ever 100% minority-owned app-based loan marketplace in America and be honored by the City of Atlanta for developing initiatives to improve the economic mobility of the residents. To date, Freeman has completed over $30 Million in sales transactions, marketed to over 100 million viewers, and advised multi-million dollar companies like Keap, CleanFund and also hosts an annual TEDx.

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