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Jennifer Winget talks about anxiety and being alone in this lockdown

Television actress Jennifer Winget is all by herself amid the lockdown and she talks about how she is utilising the time!

All of us are trying to be productive in this period of lockdown. So is the TV actress Jennifer Winget. While she is living alone these days with just her dog, she is keeping very busy at home.

Talking about her home chores, she told HT, “One of the advantages of being alone in this lockdown is that I can do what I want on my own time. Many people are quite concerned that I am in quarantine solo, but it has been fine. Sure there is anxiety, sometimes but I am coping. Then I count my blessings and hope that we will all sail through this in due course.”


While Jennifer says that cooking is not her forte but she is managing with help of video calls with friends and family. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of her pet takes up a lot of time. So, her day passes by quickly. “Earlier too there was so much work at home but one didn’t pay much attention to it. Now, everything is intensified. Once the lockdown is over, I won’t miss cleaning for sure (laughs). I don’t force myself to do anything and go with the flow. It is important to maintain the mental and physical balance,” she added.

Jennifer went on to explain how people shouldn’t be overworking themselves and should take regular breaks. She says, “We should use this time to work on yourself which could be focusing on fitness, a hobby or just spending time with family.”

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