Jennifer Howell's Testimony Damages Amber Heard's Case

Jennifer Howell’s Testimony Damages Amber Heard’s Case

Jennifer Howell, a former friend of Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Heard Henriquez, has claimed Whitney is doing something wrong by supporting her sister. She testified in court that she adored Whitney but she is trying to protect her sister.

Howell was previously Whitney’s boss and friend. She revealed that she had sent an email to Whitney in July 2020 asking her to tell the truth. The former employer revealed that she struggled with what to do in such a situation where someone she loved was involved.

Jennifer further claimed that the email was her trying to protect Whitney. She said, “And I’m just trying to get her to wake up and do the right thing which is tell the truth. That’s the only thing that can help everyone involved in this thing.”

Whitney had testified that Depp hit her in the back and threw a can at a friend. She also claimed that he grabbed Heard by her hair. She further claimed that Depp made her sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). As per Howell, Whitney did not sign anything and moved to her place.

Jennifer testified that she did not witness Depp consuming any type of drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol. Whitney had never told her that Depp was allegedly abusive or have any proof of the same.

Howell also revealed that she received an anonymous check for $250,000 for her non-profit organization. This was in honor of Amber Heard and she assumed it was from Elon Musk.

The trial is expected to end this Friday and Kate Moss is also believed to be taking the stand.

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