Jennifer Aniston, star cast of Friends was Begged To Leave Other Sitcom News

Jennifer Aniston, star cast of Friends was Begged To Leave Other Sitcom

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Time icon May 29, 2021

Although fans can’t picture anybody else in the iconic character of Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston said that she had to appeal to leave another comedy to star in Friends. Aniston went on to play Rachel in all 10 seasons of Friends, and she recently returned to set for the HBO Max special Friends: The Reunion.

Aniston’s performance of Rachel Green on Friends earned her a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe, pushing her into the international spotlight. The character evolved from a seemingly rich runaway bride to an independent lady with job ambitions during the show’s run, which lasted from 1994 to 2004. Aniston had previously acted in Off-Broadway performances and short-lived television shows before to securing her role on the NBC sitcom; nonetheless, Friends launched Aniston’s famous film career after the show ended.

Jennifer Revealed

Jennifer Aniston revealed she had to beg to get out of her role in another sitcom so she wouldn’t be recast on Friends during an interview with Gayle King on King’s SiriusXM show (via Deadline).

Muddling Through premiered on CBS in 1994, and its final episode aired two weeks before Friends premiered. While speaking with King, Aniston described what she said to a less-than-receptive producer of Muddling Through.

Aniston also disclosed Friends director James Burrows’ assumption that Muddling Through will be renewed for a second season just to annoy Friends. However, owing to some smart scheduling by NBC executives, Muddling Through was only renewed for three more episodes before being cancelled, leaving Aniston open to play Rachel Green. Instead of being the reason Aniston couldn’t star in Friends, those who worked with her on Muddling Through are better renowned for having extremely terrible ideas about what constitutes excellent television.

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