Jennie Kim At Paris Fashion Week with Band-Aid Look

Jennie Kim At Paris Fashion Week with Band-Aid Look

Jennie Kim, a South Korean pop artist, and Chanel ambassador made a fashion statement with a Band-Aid under her right eye at Paris Fashion Week. The black adhesive bandage was expertly incorporated into her beautiful look, flawlessly blending in with her skin tone and providing an edgy accent to her gorgeous white tweed Chanel jumpsuit.

The Band-Aid, which Jennie described on social media was used to hide a scar from a recent fall while exercising, has now become a fashion accessory in its own right, inspiring a new cosmetic trend: bandage-core.

Jennie’s daring fashion statement has received widespread acclaim; with fashion experts praising her ability to convert a minor injury into a fashion statement. “Adornment, what a science!” exclaimed Coco Chanel, and Jennie’s look clearly displays the transformational power of cosmetics and accessories.

Jennie’s makeup was similarly exquisite, with a smokey, winged eye, peachy foundation, and delicate pink lips. The complete beauty procedure allegedly took three hours; and included soaking her face in an ice bath to produce a dewy, fresh-faced appearance.

Jennie’s Band-Aid beauty style has also alarmed her followers; who are concerned about her injuries and want her to take care of herself. Yet, Jennie’s decision to wear the Band-Aid in public may have alleviated their fears and demonstrated that she is mending.


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