Jenna Ortega’s Goth Dance X Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary Song Has Become The Internet’s Favorite Viral Obsession

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams impeccable acting has already won fans’ hearts. After its release on the OTT platform, the show has already made its place on the top 10 charts of Netflix. The internet is filled with discussions and posts about Jenna Ortega’s performance in the show. One more thing that has become an obsession on the internet is Wednesday’s 80s Goth Kid dance.

The dance went so viral on every social media platform, that you may see people actually recreating videos and posting them. Fans are dressing up like Jenna Ortega’s character and performing her Gothic dance which she did in episode 4. In the episode, Wednesday attends the annual Rave ‘N Dance party at Nevermore Academy. She is seen wearing a black gloomy dress, whereas everyone around her is in white. The song on which she performs her dance is named “Go Go Muck” By The Cramps.

Jenna Ortega has commented on her viral dance from the Netflix series. It’s known that the whole dance was choreographed by her. The Wednesday actress says that she felt quite insecure performing this as it was her own choreographed dance and she is not a professional dancer or choreographer. She also revealed that the inspiration behind this amazing hypnotized dance came from watching 80s Goth kids dancing in club videos online.

She watched several archival footages of Goth Kids dancing and performed similar moves along with some moves from the past Addams family movie. Jenna just showed up at the set and performed her own steps, which definitely turned out to be outstanding as people have already become her fan after this show.

Social media platforms, like Instagram & Tiktok, are filled with people recreating Jenna’s dance moves from the series. Lady Gaga fans have also taken this Wednesday dance trend to another level. As many viral videos of Wednesday’s dance or series have audio of Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary song. Have a look below.

Lady Gaga’s song is seen more in fans’ videos than the original song of the dance in the series. Fans are just vibing to Jenna Ortega’s Goth Dance + Lady Gaga’s song. The song also became the top streamed one on the Shazam app. It also got over 2.35 million streams after this viral goth dance trend. You can listen to the Bloody Mary song, over here.

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