Jenna Ortega Shares Details On Her Choreographed Viral Wednesday Addams Dance

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams dance has now officially become a trend on social media platforms. The Goth dance garnered a lot of love from the fans and also increased the popularity of Lady Gaga’s long-forgotten song “Bloody Mary”. Although the original song from the dance is ” Go Go Muck” By the cramps, the Bad Romance singer song synced perfectly with the iconic gothic dance.

Jenna Ortega has given out some details on this viral dance, let’s find out what it is. In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Jenna revealed that the dance was supposed to be a flash mob as the makers wanted so. But she knew that her character wouldn’t “be cool with dancing and encouraging a bunch of people.”

Further, she adds that she had a talk with the director Tim Burton about it. Tim allowed her to choreograph her own dance and perform it on screen in her way. The song was decided a week before the dance and Jenna was super excited to do the dance on one of her favorite band songs.

As Jenna previously revealed that she had covid when she performed this dance and it was a one-take scene. She was given medical assistance, due to her Covid symptoms. The makers faced a lot of backlash when fans got to know about this. As they allowed Jenna to dance even when she was sick and had covid symptoms.

She thinks that the dance could have been much better if they would have allowed her to do a retake. But as there was no time, the dance which went viral was the final output dance for the show.

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