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Jenna Marbles Is Quitting YouTube

Jenna Marbles quits YouTube after apologizing for previous racist and ‘negative’ videos.

The widely popular YouTuber, Jenna Marbles, quits YouTube after over a decade of being present on the platform.

Jenna, 33, decided to ‘move on’ from YouTube on Thursday. Her real name is Jenna Mourey. She has over 20.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Jenna addressed her followers in a tearful video talking about her controversial videos of the past.

The video was titled, “A Message”, and it was 11 minutes long. In the video, Mourey announced that she will be stepping back from YouTube. She also apologized for her past videos and actions.

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Jenna said she is stepping back because “we’re at a time where we are purging ourselves of anything and everything toxic.”

Mourey also said that she is not “completely unproblematic”. Addressing her actions in the past, she said she has tried her best to grow out of it and be a better person.

She continued saying she has disabled all her past videos because she feels she should not put negative things into the world. Jenna went on to explain that having her old content still on YouTube made her see how much she has grown. And she claims to be very proud of that.

Mourey further says that the existence of those old videos right now is not possible. She says people do not bother to see when that content was posted. Mourey continues explaining saying now people do get offended, so she would not want her content to exist at all.

The videos that Jenna has put on private include the videos of her shaming girls who have “ran around and slept around”. It also contains content that mocked Asian people.

Mourey reveals that she has also disabled a video of her imitating Nicki Minaj. However, she claims it was private for quite some time now.

“I do just want to tell you that it was not my intention to do blackface,” she said of the impersonation video. She admits about not being able to understand how to say anything else. Mourey says it hurt people and she went on to apologize for the same. She went on, “This isn’t okay and it hasn’t existed on the Internet for a long time because it’s not okay.”

Mourey also emphasized saying she did not darken her skin for the video. But she goes on to say that it doesn’t matter, people were hurt.

“I do want to tell you how unbelievably sorry I am If I ever offended you by posting this video or by doing this impression,” she continued.

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“It’s not okay. It is shameful. It’s awful. I wish it wasn’t part of my past.”

Mourey addressed the people with who she had a relationship with before. They were accused of being racist. She broke down saying she is just a person trying to understand the world the same way that others do. Mourey assures she is trying her best.

She further goes on to say that she is not proud of her past. Mourey says she tries to not define people by their pasts. It matters what they are in the present, she explains.

“I’m trying to do the same thing that you are and support and be friends of people that I’m proud of and that I love and I just know that I’m doing my best.”

Mourey further says that she cannot exist on this channel for now. She hopes that she has taken down anything that upsets people. Mourey further clarifies it wasn’t her intention to hurt anyone.

She ended her video saying it was important to her to address her past actions and content. “I want to hold myself accountable, and it’s painful to do it,” she said. “It’s not fun and it hurts. I’m ashamed of things I’ve done and said in my past.”

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