Jeffree Star Responds To Saryn Anderson After 'NFL Boo' Claims Stir The Internet

Jeffree Star Responds To Saryn Anderson After ‘NFL Boo’ Claims Stir The Internet

Jeffree Star, the 37-year-old beauty influencer, is creating a storm in the NFL world with their cryptic posts about their “NFL boo”. Star posted a picture on social media with their NFL player boyfriend, who was partially hidden.

However, fans are going wild guessing who the man is. This has led to a request from Saryn Anderson, the wife of NFL player Henry Anderson, to stop the posts as she is getting harassed by people thinking it is her husband. Jeffree has been posting cryptic messages about her new NFL player boo on social media.

One post read, “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom 🧡”. Fans have been speculating who the NFL player is with some guessing Cameron Thomas, Carl Nassib, Henry Anderson, DiLauro, Wyatt Teller, Daniel Bellinger, Cole Kmet, and Josh Allen.

Saryn Anderson, who is the wife of Henry Anderson, has been married to him for the past three years and is the president of her husband’s fan club. She has been a constant support for her husband and has been the target of harassment due to the cryptic posts from Jeffree.

Saryn reached out to Jeffree and requested them; to stop posting cryptic messages about their NFL boo as it is causing her to be harassed. Jeffree responded by posting Saryn’s text on social media and stated, “OMG now the #NFL wives are coming after me!!! Girl… Don’t be so insecure. I don’t mess with married men.”

This situation has caused quite a stir in the NFL world; and fans are eagerly waiting to know who the mysterious NFL player is. Jeffree’s cryptic posts have caused unwanted attention towards Saryn and her family; and it is important to respect others’ privacy and not put them in uncomfortable situations. Fans can explore and theorize all they want provided that Jefree, their NFL player beau; and everyone else speculated be given their space and privacy to talk about things when they want.

Jeffree Star’s cryptic posts about her “NFL boo”; causing speculation among fans highlight the impact that celebrities’ or influencers’ posts can have on others. Regardless of who the mysterious NFL player is, it seems as if; all fans can do is wait for Jefree or the NFL player to share the truth themselves.


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