Jay Williams Criticizes LeBron James For Giving Up Against Rockets

LeBron James has ruled the world of basketball as one of the best players in the NBA for a very long time now. Despite being in Year 19, LeBron has been the fulcrum of the team for the Los Angeles Lakers and tried his best in every game of the season. 

LeBron tried the same against the Houston Rockets in the Lakers’ last game but would pass up a game-winning layup for a contested Carmelo Anthony jumper. Melo missed and the game went to 2OT where the Rockets comfortably defeated the Lakers.  

Jay Williams feels LeBron Has Lost The Argument Of Being Called The GOAT

NBA analyst and former NCAA Champion Jay Williams has heavily criticized LeBron for passing up that shot, claiming that the 37-year-old Lakers superstar doesn’t deserve to be called the GOAT anymore.

“I fight every single day because I think LeBron James is the greatest player the game has ever seen. That’s a polarizing conversation between him and Michael Jordan. But last night, for LeBron James to have a triple and a chance to bully your man to the rim and finish the game in regulation, but you decide to pass the ball to Carmelo Anthony? I want to quit that argument. I throw my hands up. That’s what people are going to hold against you, LeBron. Just punish the guy at the rim, that’s who I think you are. But it’s not who you actually are and it kills the argument about him being a GOAT.” 

Considering the sensitivity of the GOAT debate, a statement like this will surely sting LeBron, who is making his case stronger by continuing MVP-level play this late into his career. However, with a team that was designed to be a super team, has had an underwhelming season in all regards. The 2021-22 season would always be held against James in the GOAT debate.

LeBron has passed up game-winners before, but for an objectively better shot. The fatigue of carrying the Lakers to the last minute of OT caught up with James and the game slipped away as a result. It was yet another case of ‘so near, yet so far’ for the Lakers, and it would be interesting to see whether they can bounce back from this disheartening loss.

Rohit Shahi is a Sports editor and a passionate fan of NBA. He aims to bring all the latest NBA news to you, covering all the major events and biggest superstars.

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