Jay Park To Form Boy Group After Leaving AOMG & H1ghr, Fans Say 'World Domination'

Jay Park To Form Boy Group After Leaving AOMG & H1ghr, Fans Say ‘World Domination’

Jay Park seemed to be on his path to world dominance. After establishing himself as an independent artist, the rapper and entrepreneur founded two record companies, AOMG and H1ghr Music. Previously, he was the leader of the famed JYPE boy band 2PM. He made a name for himself in the K-R&B and hip hop genres, as well as in K-pop as a solo artist. From pH-1, Trade L, and GroovyRoom to GRAY, Loco, and two GOT7 members, his labels have a diverse roster of brilliant musicians. And now, Jay Park is forming his own boy band.

The K-pop superstar began the new year by announcing his departure as CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music, the two companies he co-founded with long-time partners. Jay Park announced that he would be retiring from Instagram and focusing on his new soju brand. However, he does not appear to be retiring from the K-pop industry when he says so. While he has left his two hip-hop and R&B companies, he is planning to launch a K-pop agency that will focus on new idols and groups.

Jay Park has expressed a desire in joining idol groups since 2020. That dream appears to be coming true on January 11, 2022. According to reports, he is in talks with Kakao Entertainment, who are willing to partner with him and invest in his new agency and first boy group. Kakao is a multi-conglomerate that houses various K-pop agencies, including Sam Kim, Mijoo of Lovelyz, Jinyoung of GOT7, The Boyz, Apink, Monsta X, and IVE.

Jay Park was 2PM’s main dancer and lead vocalist for a year

Kakao has issued a statement in response to the storey that has been circulating. “Jaebeom Park is an artist who has demonstrated his talents in various fields such as singing and producing,” according to the statement. “We are discussing a form of a business partnership, but nothing concrete has been decided yet.”

If they do start an agency and boy band, all eyes will be on them because Park was a member of an iconic boy band formed by an idol. Park Jinyoung, like Jay Park, was an idol who founded his own agency, JYPE, and formed 2PM, the agency’s first major idol boy group. Before leaving, Jay Park was 2PM’s main dancer and lead vocalist for a year. Kakao hopes that his first boy group would be extraordinarily unique, challenging the standards of what a K-pop boy group should be, based on his experience as a member of an idol group and a successful hip hop soloist.

Fans were ecstatic, tweeting things like “Jay Park World domination period”. Another fan recalled speaking with Rain, another idol-turned-CEO, and said, “Jay park gonna make idol group which focus on individual capabilities. looking forward to it.”

a CEO and returned as a Chairman.” Another was shocked, “A third company?? Woah-.” One user was amused, “So he made a company, stepped down, and started making a new one? i’m so lost.”

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