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Javed Akhtar talks about his first thought when Shabana Azmi met with the deadly accident

Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi talk about the deadly accident that happened early this year in January!

The veteran actress Shabana Azmi had an accident this year on January 18. Her car was crushed badly but fortunately the actress survived. Her husband and the popular writer Javed Akhtar recently talked about his first thoughts that came to his mind after the accident.

In a conversation with Film Companion, he said, “The accident that Shabana went through was really deadly. We were in the other car, she was sleeping in the car behind us. And when this accident occurred and we went back, the first thought was ‘Is she alive?’ Because the whole car was crushed, had become a heap of junk. Somehow we took her out. She was unconscious with blood all over her face and it was only from the nose.”


Shabana, who was also a part of the conversation, explained how she doesn’t remember anything. She said that she was asleep at that moment and next things she remembers is waking up in the hospital.

The couple went on to talk about their quarantine time and revealed how it is the longest they have spent time with each other in 37 years. While Shabana said that Javed has now noticed the beauty spot on her chin, the former defended himself by saying that all this time he has been looking at her eyes.

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