Jason Momoa Reportedly Doing Okay After His Hospital Visit

Jason Momoa Reportedly Doing Okay After His Hospital Visit

Hollywood star actor Jason Momoa, is doing okay after visiting the hospital as per the reports. The actor is currently okay after undergoing MRI Scan. Just prior to all this the star actor has sparked concern among his fans and also among his fellow stars as he has shared a shirtless photo of himself, on his Instagram account after visiting hospital, as per the reports.

Thankfully, a source had told and given the conformation about Jason’s health and said he was doing perfectly “Okay”, and had the scan done as “a precaution.”  The Aquaman actor took to his Instagram account, and revealed that he was feeling, “Thankful.”

The 42-year-old actor captioned the picture and wrote, “You got to break some eggs to make an omelet. Aloha J. Thankful for my ohana and friends.” After the post was made, there were some worrying replies from the actor’s fans and his famous friends, as his ‘Justice League’ cast mate Gal Gadot  replied: “Oh no!” Whereas, after this the “Candy” actor Pablo Schreiber added, “Oh no! You alright dude?”

The hospital visit of the actor, came up just a few weeks after Jason had a hernia operation on March 27, which was just one day before attending the Academy Awards. The actor spoke about it on the red carpet and said, “I had surgery yesterday. I had a hernia surgery yesterday.”

When the actor was asked why he needed the operation, the actor replied, “Throwing bodies around. I’m getting old, bro. It ain’t that CinemaCon from 2016, you know what I’m saying?”

Jason Momoa is reportedly dating actress Eiza Gonzalez

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the Hollywood star is reportedly dating actress Eiza Gonzalez five months after splitting from wife Lisa Bonet. The news came up after Jason, who was pictured at the premiere of Eiza’s movie ‘Ambulance’ last month, dismissed rumors he was dating Kate Beckinsale after he gave her his jacket to wear at the Vanity Fair Academy Awards after-party.

On asking, if they are dating, the actor gave his reply and said: “Absolutely not, not together. She is very nice, I was being very nice, just being a gentleman. Now, I am not giving my coat to anyone.”

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