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Janhvi Kapoor wishes to recreate these songs of mom Sridevi if given a chance

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is a huge admirer of her late mother Sridevi and her songs, just like everyone else!

All of us have been a fan of the late actress Sridevi. Her charm was something that won everyone’s heart. Her daughter Janhvi Kapoor too is a huge admirer of her acting and dancing skills.

In a recent conversation with MidDay, she talked about her mother and her songs. Sridevi told her that one must do while dancing is to enjoy it thoroughly and have fun. “I fondly remember one particular award function as a kid where I saw mom rehearse after a really long time. I still remember that she was just marking the steps in the hall at home instead of rehearsing. When I saw her on stage, I was surprised to see her performing so beautifully. This was nothing that I saw at home. She’d blown everyone away with that performance,” Janhvi said.


When asked about which of her mom’s songs she would like to re-create, she said, “If given a chance, I would love to recreate the songs from Chandni as well as ‘Kaate nahi kat te’ from Mr. India. It wasn’t a dance number, but she was so expressive with her body, there was no dance movement as such, but she still caught the beat and the rhythm and those latkas and jhatkas were all so perfect. Hawa Hawai from the same film was such a fun song. Apparently, the part where she’s having a ball of a time with the fruits and topi was absolutely done improv.”

Janhvi Kapoor had lost her mother Sridevi in 2018, when she had passed away in Dubai.

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