Janet Jackson Reveal: Why He And Jermaine Dupri Split After 7 Years

The rapper Janet Jackson opened up about her and Jermaine relationship which lasted for seven years. The amicable exes are finally revealing the reason behind their abrupt ending of the togetherness in 2009. The rapper admitted to being reckless in the relationship.

Janet dated Jermaine Dupri for seven years and the fourth part of his documentary that aired on 29 January reveals what lead to their unexpected break-up in 2009. Janet documentary on lifetime and A&E say, “One of the weird things is that dating Janet attracts other women. Girls wanted to talk to me more because I was dating her…and I’m a man,” Jermaine confessed, addressing rumours that he had cheated. The couple started dating in 2002. Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Finally Heading To The Chapel

Janet had heard the same murmurs during the long-distance courtship, which had him in Atlanta, Georgia and her in Los Angeles, California. “I had heard he was cheating,” she said. “But there were other things…I needed more than he was giving me. He was a workaholic and he was constantly working — as soon as he was done working after he would go to the club. I would ask him to carve out a little time for me,” she said. Black Monday and Work In Progress wont Come Up with New Seasons

Regardless of splitting, Janet and Jermaine have remained closed and supported each other. “She’s one of the sexiest women in the world. I think she gave more women confidence to try everything,” he said. “I feel like we’re always going to have a friendship, regardless of what I’m doing or who’s in my life, or regardless of what’s going on. In 2021, the Gary, Indiana native even posted a sweet birthday message for Jermaine in 2021, writing, “sending luv to u today.”

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