Janet Jackson Attends Bal De La Rose In Black Hugging Outfit

Janet Jackson was spotted at a Monaco gala in a black fitted gown. The pop icon appeared at the annual charity Bal de la Rose at the Salle des Etoiles in the French principality on July 8. The 56 years old singer posed for a few photos with the shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

Janet Jackosn was stunned in a black dress with silver chain collar details. While her wrists sported monochromatic black bracelets with large studs. Also, stacked silver rings for a rock and roll vibe. Janet carried this look with black stiletto sandals and a clutch. She was spotted in a new hairstyle.

The feedback singer, Janet rocked in her signature long locks for a short bob with bangs. Channelling the early 60s. She was spotted walking through the glam event with Christian. The show designer rocked an eccentric pink suit with a bow pattern, as well as a matching hat.

Janet is making back-to-back appearances in recent months, following the debut of her four-part documentary series in January. Later she appeared at the Billboard Music Awards as a surprised guest for a friend Mary J. Blige in May. Recently, she performed at Essence Fest on July 2. Janet Jackson rocked her look in a sparkly black catsuit. Indeed, her performance was breathtaking as she didn’t miss a beat. She performed her most popular 90s choreography for ‘IF’ at the show on Saturday.

Janet Jackson Documentary

Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet’s documentary premiered on January 28 and 29 on Lifetime and A&E. The four-part special focused on so many different aspects of Janet’s life. Including her brother Michael Jackson‘s scandals, her private life as a mom, and even the infamous Super Bowl Halftime Show. She also opened up about her complicated relationship with her late father, Joe Jackson, as a kid, although she denied he was ever abusive.

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