James Charles Reportedly Set To Release A Song; The Internet Has Some Thoughts

James Charles Reportedly Set To Release A Song; The Internet Has Some Thoughts

James Charles is known for his beauty videos on Youtube. The influencer is now rumoured to be releasing new music. This comes after he returned back to Youtube after her grooming allegations.

The beauty guru had posted a video on Youtube titled, Holding myself accountable. He had admitted in the video that he was sending “flirty” texts to minors. After this, he took a three-month break before returning to the platform and had released another video called An Open Conversation.

In that video, James had reverted his previous statements taking accountability. However, the influencer got into trouble again after he received criticism for following and tagging an underage streamer while he was wearing a robe. Ethan Klein had expressed his views on the situation before and stated, “You can’t excuse predatory acts”. The podcast host had brought up James’ photoshoot where his zipper was undone.

Let’s come back to this story now. The alleged announcement of the influencer creating music was first shared by a user, DiorIndustry. This was later on reshared by defnoodles on Instagram. Taken aback by the news, the internet had some thoughts to share. Many users were critical of this announcement and were not expecting this turn. I mean, do you think James should stick to makeup and Youtube or are you looking forward to this new project?

A lot of people online were referencing James possibly facing an arrest after the allegations. One user wrote, “What’s the album name? Non-ConSENSUAL”. “That’s a threat and should be reported to authorities,” another user took a jab at the influencer. Others were commenting on James’ lack of singing skills while others stated that no one asked for this.

A user specifically commented mentioning the influencer by name and wrote,

“No, James. We want you BEHIND bars. Very different.”

In short, this new direction if true or not is not something the internet likes. Few users came ahead to declare their excitement for the possibility of new projects from him. James has not confirmed or denied the news yet.

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