Jake Paul’s Next Boxing Opponent Rumors; Anderson Silva Or Jorge Masvidal?

Jake Paul has been making waves in the world of boxing. He was also named as the breakout boxer of the year 2021. Currently, Jake Paul boasts a 5-0 professional boxing record. The next fight for Jake Paul is not yet confirmed but there are rumors as to who his next potential opponent could be.

Jake Paul fought Tyron Woodley in December and won in the sixth round by way of knockout. He was originally scheduled to fight the British boxer Tommy Fury but he dropped out of the fight citing medical concerns.

Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva

Jake Paul has said that he will not be boxing Tommy now since he ‘does not deserve it’. Jake even went on to say that he would fight Tommy Fury’s elder brother Tyson Fury instead of him.

Now, UFC champ Sterling has talked about who Jake Paul’s next opponent could possibly be.

“I know Anderson Silva was supposedly a frontrunner for a matchup with him,” the mixed martial artist revealed.

“If Jake can legitimately connect, I think he would actually hurt Anderson,” he added. “He’s a young guy. He knows how to grab you. He did that so many times against Woodley, he clinched 30 times over the first five rounds.”

Will The Tommy Fury Fight Happen?

Jake Paul has been saying that Tommy’s team has given no response to set a new date for the fight and he is not willing to give Tommy another chance.

But guess what? The British boxer Tommy Fury says that his team has already approached Jake Paul’s team to set up a new date for the fight in early 2022.

“I’ve been putting all my time, all my focus into my recovery which is going as good as it can be going,” he said on Instagram on December 22.

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