Jake Paul’s claim that “my girl is pregnant” has sparked pregnancy rumours

24-year-old Paul appears to be expecting a baby. After watching the LA Lakers, the online sensation seemed to reveal the news to paparazzi waiting for him at the freshly opened Crypto.com Arena.

Before driving away, Paul can be heard saying, “My girl is pregnant.”

If the claim is genuine, Rose’s pregnancy must still be a surprise to the pair, given neither has announced it on social media.

With no further statements, it’s impossible to know for sure if the rumors are accurate – after all, this isn’t the first time Paul has teased his fans with an announcement.

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Paul met Rose for the first time while shooting one of his many music videos. Rose made an appearance in the filming of ‘These Days,’ which was released in December 2019, and it appeared to be the first time the two met.

Paul began contacting Rose after seeing this video, despite the fact that he was still dating Tana Mongeau at the time. After a few months of maintaining their new relationship “off-camera,” the two went public with their love, and it has been that way ever since.

After two years together, the couple is still travelling and appearing on each other’s social media feeds.

Given their tendency for trolling followers online, there’s no way of knowing if the pair is genuinely expecting; for the time being, we have Paul’s comment to rely on.

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If a baby is on the way, we’ll almost certainly hear about it on social media in the coming days. Both are always in the limelight, so it’ll only be a matter of time until we find out for sure.

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