Jake Paul Vs Pete Davidson: Youtuber Threatens To Beat SNL Star With Kanye

Jake Paul Vs Pete Davidson: Youtuber Threatens To Beat SNL Star With Kanye

Jake Paul, who celebrated his 25th birthday in style on January 17, came to Twitter on January 19 to take a scathing shot at Pete Davidson. As he is dating Kanye West’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, the latter has been in the news recently for being dissed by the rapper. Kanye West, who now goes by the moniker Ye, had a couple of trash lyrics on Game’s new song ‘Eazy,’ and it appears that Pete Davidson took notice.

Jake Paul decided to join Kanye in his smear campaign against the ‘SNL’ actor by sending out a tweet to his four million followers. Following Kanye West’s trash rap, Pete Davidson reportedly hired extra security.

“God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**,” the 44-year-old hip-hop legend raps in the song. Jake decided to take a shot at Pete, referencing the same lyrics, and his tweet quickly went viral. The YouTuber took to Twitter to publish an article from a tabloid claiming Pete hired extra protection after Ye threatened him on the latest tune.

“Kanye & I on his a** now. Soon to get slapped,” he wrote. As per a source, “Pete isn’t worried about Kanye, but he is concerned about the massive fanbase that Kanye has. His devoted followers listen to his songs and act upon them. That’s why Pete is now using security.”

Jake Paul and Pete Davidson have been feuding since the latter was hired as a pundit for Jake’s fight with Ben Askren in April 2021. After that, the comedian poked fun at the boxer, who was upset about Justine Paradise’s sexual assault charges against Paul.

“F**k that guy. He won’t do s**t”

“You can tell how professional this event is by them having me here,” Pete told Sporting News. “We are backstage at Jake Paul’s dressing room, or locker room, if you wanna call it that. Today’s a really wild day for boxing because it just shows how low it’s truly sunk. I think today proves the fact that, if you have enough followers, you can truly f**king do whatever you want. I mean, maybe [YouTuber] PewDiePie will cure cancer, and [Tik Tok star] Charli D’Amelio will become a surgeon. Uh, who knows?”

The SNL star further said that they have a fight between Ben Askren and Jake. He added that they both suck but at least somebody will get hurt. Paul subsequently said on his older brother Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, “It was my idea to have him as the host of the event. F**k that guy. He won’t do s**t. He won’t ever be a part of one of those ever again. He f**ked his st up.” He added, “It brings him more clout. Just f**k that guy. I don’t give a f**k what he thought. The s**t he said is like s**t you can’t take back.”

In terms of the most recent, Pete has yet to respond to Paul’s statements.

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