Jake Paul Vs Conor McGregor Boxing Match Highly Likely In 2022 As Fight Talks Advance

Jake Paul, the breakout boxer of 2021 is expected to square off in the boxing ring with UFC legend Conor McGregor sometime in 2022. While there is no confirmation about the fight so far, analysts and industry experts are anticipating an announcement sometime this year since both the teams [of Jake and Conor] are in talks.

Conor McGregor has previously been avoiding the question of fighting Jake Paul in a boxing match. But now, the UFC star has followed Jake Paul’s manager on Instagram, fueling rumors that a fight between the two is highly likely.

Conor McGregor Follows Jake Paul’s Manager

Jake Paul has taken the world of influencer boxing by storm. Currently, he is the highest-paid YouTube boxer and ranks among the top 3 highest paid boxers of 2021. Jake Paul is also undefeated in his run as a professional boxer.


Jake Paul broke in the influencer boxing scene after he called out UFC legend Conor McGregor for a boxing match. The YouTuber offered Conor a $50 Million guaranteed pay day if he would sign the dotted line. However, the UFC fighter showed no interest.

In early 2021 when McGregor was spotted by a camera person, he had some good talk with the pap who was filming him but when the paparazzi asked Conor ‘what do you think about Jake Paul?, he said ‘ah.. I don’t really care’ and immediately switched the topic.

Jake Paul Vs Conor McGregor

Earlier Jake Paul hinted that his team was in contact with Conor McGregor’s and now Jake Paul has revealed that he could fight Conor in the next 24 months.

“People were like, ‘Oh, that kid’s crazy. McGregor will kill him!’” Paul mocked his critics before revealing the fight could be happening sooner than people realize.

In November, Jake Paul said:

“That fight could happen in the next 24 months. One-hundred percent it probably will, and I will beat him. People are seeing how serious I am about this and change the way they think about it.”

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