Jake Paul Supports Joe Rogan And Bashes Disney, ESPN, Dana White For Pulling Him From UFC Broadcast

Jake Paul never fails to be in the news and off late, even Joe Rogan has been the talk of the town after the Spotify controversy and racism allegations that were slapped on him.

Joe Rogan had a tough start to 2022 after he was accused of spreading misinformation about the global health pandemic. On top of that, a video went viral that was a compilation of Joe Rogan using a racist slur (the N-word) on several occasions.

Joe Rogan Dropped From UFC 271

Joe Rogan’s behavior forced Spotify to deleted more than 70 episodes of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast from its platform. The UFC commentator was also not included in the UFC 271 broadcast. According to a UFC official, the reason why Joe Rogan was not put on the commentary panel was due to a conflict in schedule.

“Per a UFC official, Joe Rogan had a scheduling conflict this week and will not be on the call for UFC 271,” wrote Bronsteter. “He is scheduled to do color commentary for UFC 272 in March.” But guess what? Jake Paul is not buying into the statement released by UFC.

Not just Jake Paul but many fans are also of the opinion that Joe Rogan was dropped from the broadcast due to other reasons: primarily due to the controversy that brought Joe Rogan a lot of negative publicity.

What Did Jake Paul Say?

Jake Paul took to his official Twitter handle and voiced his support for Joe Rogan. The YouTuber-turned-Professional Boxer took a jibe at the UFC Boss Dana White in his tweet as well. Here is what Jake Paul said:

“ESPN and Disney pull Joe Rogan from the UFC broadcast but stand behind Dana White, who calls reporters douchebags, says a female fighter looks like a male fighter in dress and heels and claims brain damage is part of the gig?” he said.

“You pulled the wrong guy!”

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