Jake Paul Slams Vitor Belfort’s $30 Million Fight Offer As It Does Not ‘Excite’ Him

After extending his professional boxing win streak to 4-0 by winning against Tyron Woodley last month, Jake Paul had a flurry of high-profile boxing match offers come at it.

One amongst the many boxing match offers that Jake Paul received was from former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort. It was a $30 Million winner-takes-all boxing match offer.

The MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani readout Vitor’s message aloud to Jake Paul. It said “Tell my son to don’t run away. To meet his big daddy. There’s no way out. I got $30 million. Winner takes all.”

Jake Paul immediately replied to the spontaneous challenge from Belfort on the podcast. He said “Well put [the $30 million] in escrow.”

‘Vitor Is Not That Big Of A Name’

Earlier Jake Paul seemed to take some interest in the match but now, he has turned the match offer down! He explained on The MMA Hour that the $30 Million offer does not ‘excite me’.

“Vitor is not that big of a name. He just isn’t. He’s not even as big of a name as Tyron Woodley,” Jake Paul said.

“I’m trying to get bigger with each one of these fights. I’m trying to have more of a challenge. Vitor is a lot easier of a fight than Tyron.”

Who Will Jake Paul Fight Next?

There is no clarity as to who will be the next person to face Jake Paul in that boxing ring just yet!

Just recently, UFC Boss Dana White challenged the YouTuber to fight Anderson Silva in a boxing match.

Jake and Dana are not on good terms with the former accusing Dana White of exploiting his MMA fighters and not giving them enough pay.

Jake Paul proposed a multi-million dollar fight and wondered if ‘Daddy Dana’ would give permission to his fighter to fight Jake.

However, Dana White clearly denied that Jorge Masvidal would fight Jake Paul.

Whatever happens, we know that Jake Paul is planning to come back better and stronger than all of his fights to date. Tell us who do you think Jake Paul should fight next.


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