Jake Paul Says He Has Surpassed Brother Logan Paul In Popularity

Jake Paul and Logan Paul have been wildly popular for years on the Internet. The content creators turned professional boxers dominate everything they do, be it creating YouTube videos or fighting in the ring.

However, the elder Paul brother ‘Logan Paul’ has always been viewed as the more famous and more relevant amongst the two. But now, Jake Paul thinks that dynamic is changing.

The Paul Brothers Boxing Record

In terms of boxing, Jake Paul certainly had a better track record as compared to Logan. He is on a 4-0 winning streak and will be facing Tyron Woodley on 18th December.

It was supposed to be Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury on 18th of December but the British fighter Tommy backed off last week citing medical concerns.

Jake Paul has already said he would not give a second chance to Tommy Fury to fight him in 2022.

What Did Jake Paul Say?

In a recent conversation with George and Mike Majlak, Jake Paul addressed the question of whether or not he has surpassed his elder brother to be more famous and relevant.

Here is what Jake Paul responded:

“Oh wow, that’s a big one to sort of go for,” Jake began. “I’m definitely carrying the weight of the Paul family, for sure. This is sort of my year. It is what it is, you know what I’m saying?”

“But yeah, the answer is yeah, for sure. I’m just going back to back with these super big promotions and billboards and shit all over cities and commercials on TV. The answer is yeah. I’m not trying to be a d**k or anything.”

“No matter what each one of us does, it benefits the other,” he continued. “He’s benefitting off my press and I benefit off his press and his accomplishments.”

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