Jake Paul Says He Abstained From Having Sex With Girlfriend Julia Rose For Tyron Woodley Fight

Great things take time and they also do take a lot of sacrifice. Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned-Professional boxer has recently revealed in an interview that he barred himself from getting intimate with girlfriend Julia Rose in order to properly train for his upcoming fight.

While Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 is just a few hours away, it would be clear how the results of Jake’s decision come out to be. Jake Paul said that “[Abstaining from sex] is different for each fighter.

What Did Jake Paul Say?

“A lot of fighters are affected by it, including myself and I’m 100 per cent sure [it’s not all mental], I don’t believe in placebo, I have to experience things for myself.

“I’ve only messed up on occasion once or twice because it’s noticeably different, and I take more punishment in sparring if I do that.

Many fighters avoid getting intimate with their sexual partners before a big fight so they can stay focussed, conserve energy, and perform at an optimal level. Jake Paul’s coaches made sure that he was in the right state of mind when he was in the training camp.

“My coach BJ [Flores] will be like ‘did you have sex last night?’ And you can just tell without me saying anything.”

His coach said that “Ancient warriors deprived themselves of certain things before they went to battle and it’s important that Jake sacrifices and deprives himself of certain things before he goes into battle.”

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2

Tyron Woodley is looking to avenge his split-decision loss in the rematch and has already warned Jake Paul of a knockout this time. But the internet thinks the fight is rigged. BUT WHY?

It’s because Jake Paul gifted Tyron Woodley a Rolex watch ahead of their rematch and this has sparked speculation about the rematch being rigged in the YouTuber’s favor.

Tyron Woodley was genuinely excited seeing a new gift coming from his opponent just few hours before the fight. ‘I Accept It’, said Tyron Woodley. The two even shook hands on-camera in positive spirit [seemingly] for the first time.

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