Jake Paul Says Forbes YouTuber Rich List Is False As He Made More Than $45 Million In 2021

Jake Paul has become a YouTube and Boxing sensation in the last two years. The YouTuber-turned-Professional boxer is 5-0 in his fighting career and aims to maintain this win streak with the next opponent he locks horns in the ring with.

Recently, Jake Paul was ranked 2nd as the richest YouTuber of 2021, right behind MrBeast. Forbes reported that Jake Paul made net $45 million in 2021. However, the YouTuber-cum-Boxer disputes the estimate published by Forbes.

He claims that he has made more than $45 million in 2021 and the numbers which Forbes reported were ‘slightly’ low.

The $45 million Jake Paul made was just 10% YouTube and 90% from his fight career, according to Forbes. Taking to his Instagram story, Jake Paul shared the conversation he had with his father Greg Paul about the Forbes YouTuber rich list.

What Did Jake Paul Say?

Jake Paul also revealed that Forbes usually inflates the income numbers of the people on the rich list and proceeded to give an example when his income was shown higher than actual in 2017. “A lot of times, Forbes inflates the number made. In 2018 when I made the list, I made $17 million and they reported $22 million I believe,” he said.

When Greg Paul [Jake’s father] asked him whether the 2021 YouTuber Rich List was true, here is what Jake Paul said: ‘yes Dad, and in fact the numbers are slightly low.’ Mind you, I don’t lie to my dad and he knows everything about my life. Even my brother thought the numbers were lower (according to my dad’s convo with him.)”

“On this day they are actually behind and the numbers are actually low. Most celebs would say, ‘thank the lord I’m so blessed’ but I say any regular motherf**ker could do this sh*t if you a sicko and ready to die for your cause.”

Jake Paul’s Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul is gearing up for his next fight in 2022 with many potential opponents rumored.

Conor McGregor has previously been avoiding the question of fighting Jake Paul in a boxing match. But now, the UFC star has followed Jake Paul’s manager on Instagram, fueling rumors that a fight between the two is highly likely.

Jake Paul has taken the world of influencer boxing by storm. Currently, he is the highest-paid YouTube boxer and ranks among the top 3 highest paid boxers of 2021. Jake Paul is also undefeated in his run as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul broke in the influencer boxing scene after he called out UFC legend Conor McGregor for a boxing match. The YouTuber offered Conor a $50 Million guaranteed pay day if he would sign the dotted line. However, the UFC fighter showed no interest.

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