Jake Paul Roasts Conor McGregor, KSI, Nate Diaz, and More In His ‘F**k Dana White’ Diss Track

Jake Paul has taken the internet by storm with his latest venture! The YouTuber-turned-Professional Boxer has taken his feud with the UFC Boss Dana White one step further and released a diss track on him.

Just yesterday, Jake Paul announced that he will be releasing a diss track on Dana White.

Official Diss Track

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Jake Paul announced to the world that he is going to release a Diss Track about Dana White tomorrow, January 28 2022.

The tweet was captioned “Tomorrow. Diss track” with Dana White’s official Twitter handle mentioned.

Now that the diss track is out, the internet is going crazy with the feel, lyrics, and tone of it. Having amassed 110,000 views and 20,000 likes already, the Diss Track continues to go viral on social media.

‘Greedy Bald Bi*ch’

In the video, Jake Paul has taken jibes at some other prominent UFC fighters like Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz, and more. He calls Dana White a “greedy bald b**ch” in the Diss Track.

Jake Paul also hinted some non-verbal shots at Youtuber KSI, who has been a long time rival of him but a fight between the two has not yet been fixed.

In the diss track music video, Jake Paul is seen holding Dana White in ‘submission positions’ and the fight cage is surrounded by signs reading”F**k KSI”. However, no mention about KSI has been made in the lyrics of the song.

“Pay your fighters more, give them health care you scumbag,” Jake advances to say as the end of the song tails off. “I haven’t met a single person who says anything good about you. I’m keeping my foot on your neck until you tap b**ch.”

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