Jake Paul Responds To Tyron Woodley Getting ‘I Love Jake Paul’ Tattoo For A Rematch

The internet is shocked! Things have taken a turn towards more excitement and fun in the world of influencer boxer!

The August 2021 bout of Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley ended in a split-decision that saw Jake winning the fight. However, there was one big possibility – A Rematch.

Jake Paul said that he would ‘run it back’ in the ring with the UFC fighter Tyron Woodley if he gets a ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo on his body.

Tyron Woodley agreed and the rematch was highly anticipated!

However, between all the drama the former UFC Champ hinted getting the ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo and then removing it. But that tactic was countered by Jake Paul by releasing official tattoo guidelines for Tyron.

Tyron’s Finger Tattoo

Now, Tyron Woodley has finally gotten the tattoo on his finger following all the guidelines preset by Jake and has called out the younger Paul brother for the long awaited rematch.

Tyron Woodley, on September 27, took to his official Instagram handle and posted a picture of his middle finger inked with ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo. He captioned the post as follows:

“I love you son. Now come and get this a** whippin, cause I heard you been talking back to your elders. WHERE YOU AT!?”

But will the rematch really happen? The Internet doubts it.

What Did Jake Paul Say?

Jake Paul has reacted in a very vague fashion to the tattoo of Tyron Woodley. The Paul brother took to his Instagram stories and posted the picture shown below:

While it is not clear what Jake Paul means from the story, he has said that he will release a response video to Tyron Woodley’s tattoo as early as tomorrow. Fans and followers await what Jake Paul will say about the tattoo.

The million dollar question is – Will Jake Paul be a man of his words and run it back in the ring with Tyron Woodley? Only time shall tell.


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