Jake Paul Reacts To Tyson Fury’s Prediction About His Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul is soon going to be seen in the ring again fighting Tommy Fury on 18th December. While the fight is approaching closer every passing day, the war of words doesn’t cease to exist between the Pauls and the Furys.

Recently, the elder brother of Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury gave his prediction for the upcoming match. He said that Tyson Fury would beat Jake Paul even during the ‘worst night of his career’.

Tyson Fury’s Prediction

Tyson Fury said that his younger brother Tommy could “turn up with broken ribs, a broken left hand, two left feet, his clothes on back to front and with the flu” and still win. However, the American YouTuber-turned Boxer Jake Paul is not buying into this prediction.

He has now responded to Tyson Fury’s match prediction. But guess what? The response from Jake is rather a contained and less aggressive one, something that the general public would not have expected from the PRBLM Child.

What Did Jake Paul Say?

Jake Paul took to his official Instagram and Twitter handles and reposted the video of Tyson Fury’s match prediction in favor of Tommy. He captioned the post ‘I Smell Cap’.

The caption hints towards Tyson Fury overestimating the abilities of his little brother Tommy and Jake Paul is not to be underestimated.

We have also covered a story on How to Watch Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury fight on December 18.

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