Jake Paul

Jake Paul Is Joining Brother Logan In WWE?

Professional boxer Jake Paul appeared on “The MMA Hour” to talk about his upcoming matchup with Tommy Fury and whether or not he would be interested in following his brother Logan in the WWE. The fight is scheduled to take place this weekend in Saudi Arabia. Jake participated in his brother’s bout for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in the run-up to last year’s Crown Jewel by showing up during the press conference to show his support.

Jake Paul said when asked about his future with WWE, “We’ll see, I’m depressed, but I just don’t want to hurt myself. I am aware of how serious it is. My brother had an MCL tear; the world is nuts. I simply don’t want it to interfere with my boxing and everything else, but I’m depressed,” he continued. I enjoy working with my brother and I enjoy the WWE, so it would undoubtedly be something that might be in the works.”

Jake claimed Logan was “ideally formed” for the WWE and it’s incredible to see because he appears like “he’s been doing it for years” when asked about his brother’s early success in the WWE as something he could emulate. Logan Paul, a well-known YouTube personality and WWE Superstar has come under fire from Seth Rollins once again for being a selfish guy.

WrestleMania 38

When The Maverick and The Miz defeated Rey Mysterio and Dominik at WrestleMania 38, it marked their first time in the ring. In June 2022, he formally agreed to a multi-year contract with WWE, and since then, he has competed in contests, with the 2023 Royal Rumble for men serving as his most recent. Seth Rollins has criticised Logan Paul in recent weeks for being selfish and unconcerned with the success of the company.

He also questioned whether Logan was there to advance the industry or whether he was there to exploit the fans and enrich himself.”With no one does he get along. Is Logan Paul popular? He is an outgoing personality. As you can see, he hustles. However, passion drives our industry. People who care about it and want to improve it, not take from it, are the foundation of the system.

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