Jake Paul Hints That His Next Boxing Opponent Is Going To Be Canelo Alvarez

YouTube boixng sensation Jake Paul is gearing up to get back in ring this year. While no official announcement has been made as to who his next boxing opponent will be, there are rumors floating around that Jake Paul will be fighting Mexican professional boxer Canelo Alvarez next.

Canelo Alvarez will announce his next boxing opponent in the upcoming week and the word has already spread that it is going to be someone that boxing ‘purists’ are going to like.

Jake Paul Vs Canelo Alvarez

Jake Paul, meanwhile, has sent out a cryptic tweet reacting to the announcement that boxing purists are not going to like Canelo’s next boxing opponent.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Jake Paul tweeted cold/chilled emojis to the news. While a lot of people suspect that the YouTuber is teasing a show down with Canelo, others think that he is just trolling, as usual.


In the past, Canelo Alvarez has commented on a potential fight with Jake Paul.

What Did Canelo Say?

When Canelo was asked about whether he would consider fighting Jake Paul by a paparazzi, he said “Not right now.”

“He’s not ready,” Canelo added implying that Jake Paul needs to milk the cow harder to get into the ring with the Super Middleweight champion.

Jake Paul has been pretty phenomenal with his boxing career so far. He is 5-0 as a professional boxer and most recently knocked out Tyron Woodley in December 2021.

2nd Richest YouTuber in 2021

Jake Paul was also ranked as the second richest YouTuber of 2021 by Forbes, a claim that he disputes because he says he made more than what Forbes has estimated.

The $45 million Jake Paul made was just 10% YouTube and 90% from his fight career, according to Forbes. Taking to his Instagram story, Jake Paul shared the conversation he had with his father Greg Paul about the Forbes YouTuber rich list.

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