Jake Paul Could Soon Be Doing A Podcast And A Movie With Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 ended in a knockout victory for the YouTuber turned Boxer. However, the two fighters quashed the beef in the ring after the fight and it’s been just good vibes since,

On December 18, the long anticipated rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley finally took place and the audience was flabbergasted to see Jake’s generous and kind side during a fight. Jake Paul gifted a Rolex watch to Tyron Woodley ahead of their rematch. He also shook hands and talked with respect most of the time with his opponent.

Jake Paul’s Upcoming Fight

However, his geneorisy of gifting Tyron a Rolex watch also created a lot of speculation that he was trying to ‘bribe’ Tyron Woodley and rig the fight. To date, the internet believes Jake Paul knocking out Tyron Woodley was staged.

Now that Jake is done and dusted with the rematch, he is looking forward to his next opponent. He has called out Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz so far. However, there is no confirmation about who Jake’s next opponent is going to be.

In a recent interview with TMZ, the YouTuber-turned-Boxer talked about his rematch and his opponent [now friend] Tyron Woodley. He was all-praises for Tyron and even called him a ‘legend’.

Jake Paul revealed that they have developed an ongoing and continuous relationship and there will be many other projects that he would like to do with Tyron Woodley.

‘He Is A Legend’

Fans want the pair to be together in a podcast while Jake Paul teased the possibility of the two appearing in a buddy cop movie together.

“He’s a legend and we have to respect Tyron. He’s an amazing guy. I’m going to hit him up. People are saying we should do a podcast together. I think it would be funny to do a buddy cop movie together,” the boxer suggested.

Jake Paul has recently also reacted to the Island Boys storming off his brother Logan’s IMPAULSIVE podcast. He said the following:

“Like, have you seen Scarface?” he continued. “For you to have the audacity to stand up to George Jankos, the nicest guy in the world, and say, ‘I am thugging,’ you’re a f**king punk!”

“I wish I was there, because I would have been like, ‘Oh, you’re thugging? That’s crazy.’ I would have smacked the s**t out of them.”

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