Jake Paul Commented A Chinese Phrase On Julia Rose’s Latest Post- Here’s What It Means

Jake Paul and Julia Rose have been making headlines once again recently. The latter shared a pictured with Jake Paul on her Instagram handle recently.

The two were kissing on the beach in the picture. Julia captioned the post “happy happy happy happy happy”. While the two have been dating on and off for quite some time, this recent picture on Julia’s handle confirmed that they are dating.

She has also changed her Instagram username from @juliarose to @juliarosepaul cementing the fact that she is dating YouTuber turned pro-boxer Jake Paul.

“坐在我脸上 To English”

Julia’s latest picture on Instagram shows her in an orange bikini. The image is captioned ‘what rhymes with orange’. Jake Paul commented under the picture in Chinese. He wrote “坐在我脸上”. But what does this mean? Netizens have been keen to know. Julia Rose has pinned Jake’s comment on top of her post.

The Chinese phrase that Jake Paul commented translates to ‘Sit on my Face’. Talk about one cheesy boyfriend!

Jake’s comment has over 400 likes and 30 replies. Users replied with heart and eye emojis to Jake’s comment while some trolled him and others replied back in Chinese.

Julia Rose’s post has over 110k likes at the time of writing this article.

Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul has his next fight in a few weeks from today. He will be fighting former UFC Welterweight champion Tyro Woodley on August 29 at the Rocket Mortgage Field-house stadium.

Both the fighters have been working hard for the fight and who comes out as the better man on the event day remains to be seen. But Jake Paul has already decided who his next opponents are.

Following the three names over which he has already triumphed, the names of Tyron Woodley, Canelo, Nate Diz, and six others were on Jake Paul’s hit list. And guess who was the final fighter? Well, find out here.

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