Jake Paul Announces ‘F**k Dana White’ Diss Track Releasing Tomorrow

Jake Paul and Dana White have had friction amongst them for quite a while now. Dana White claims and discredits Jake Paul’s achievements as a professional boxer while Jake Paul finds refuge in calling out the UFC Boss for his fighter pay numbers claiming that he doesn’t pay the UFC fighters enough. But now, the YouTuber-turned Professional Boxer is taking the disagreements between him and the UFC boss one step further.

‘Tomorrow. Diss Track”

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Jake Paul announced to the world that he is going to release a Diss Track about Dana White tomorrow, January 28 2022.

The tweet was captioned “Tomorrow. Diss track” with Dana White’s official Twitter handle mentioned.

The Diss Track is titled ‘F**k Dana White’ and the internet is bound to catch fire when the diss track drops! In the past as well, Jake Paul has never foregone any opportunity to mock or take a jibe at the UFC Boss. He even dressed up as Dana White with his h**kers on Halloween.

Simialrly, Dana White has also tried his best to respond to Jake with equal rigor.

Jake Paul – Dana White Rivalry

Dana White claimed that he wants to randomly steroid test Jake Paul for the next two years to prove his point.

“Jake, you never responded to the challenge,” said White. “I believe that you’re a cheater. I believe that you use steroids. So, I want to randomly steroid test you for the next two years.

Jake Paul and Dana White are two of the most talked about personalities in the combat sports world in todays time and with the ‘F**k Dana White’ disstrack coming out, these talks are only going to ignite further.

“I’m dropping a diss track on Dana White tomorrow morning. So you will see that, and I’m not stopping any time soon,” said Jake during an interview with The Recount.

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