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Jacqueline Fernandez reveals how she copes up on her low days

Just like everyone else, even the actress Jacqueline Fernandez has her low days but she knows how to cope up with them!

Sitting at home, locked down in one place can be really mentally exhausting. That’s what is happening with everyone these days amid the lockdown. That’s when talking about low days came up for the actress Jacqueline Fernandez.

The actress not only talked about her low days,  but also how she copes up with them. Talking to Pinkvilla, she said, “I think those (dull) days happen all the time. It is also because we are in an industry where every day there is speculation or rumours, and then there are social media platforms. You have access to so much information on what people think about you, say about you, it is on a public platform.”


Revealing what comforts her during her low time, Jacky said, “We have those days too. I don’t verbalise it but sometimes just having people around is nice. I might not tell them about my problems; I rarely do, except with my therapist. But at the same time, just having people around you makes you forget about these problems.”

On the professional front, Jacqueline Fernandez was last seen the Netflix flim Drive along with Sushant Singh Rajput. Her next release, Mrs Serial Killer, is also going to be on the OTT platform.

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