Jack Nicholson Was Nearly Kicked Out of a Game by Shaquille O’Neal

Even one of the greatest centres in NBA history, Shaquille O’Neal, possessed a trait that irritated Jack Nicholson. The Los Angeles legend provided the drive for the Lakers success in the 2000s. He and Kobe Bryant were a potent duo that elevated him to the position of star for a squad that won three straight titles.

At the time, nobody could stop Shaq. He was the strongest basketball player in history. The greatest inside player ever was him. Shaq posed a threat on both ends of the field. He had control over the paint due to his size, discouraging anyone from trying to enter.

Nobody has dominated the inside game as well as he does since Shaq’s prime. Back then, he was a tremendous beast to watch. One of Shaq’s minor shortcomings was his limited capacity for making free throws. The major skill he lacked was the ability to shoot free throws.

Throughout his career, Shaq missed an average of 4.4 free throws per game, for a total of 5,317 missed chances. His free throw success rate of 52.7% was abhorrently low. In 2003, Nicholson lost his cool when discussing this weakness. When Shaq committed his third foul and began to shout at the referee, he was watching a Lakers game.

The Hack-A-Shaq Story

The $400 million actor was the target of the “hack-a-Shaq” approach, but he declined to participate. Considering that courtside seats may cost up to $10,000, Nicholson most certainly paid the normal amount, and he nearly wasted it all.

I spent a lot of money on this seat, he declared. This is the NBA; you can’t order me to sit down. If he had ventured onto the court, the referees claimed they would have had to eject him.

A lot of NBA players go on to have successful careers. LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and many other athletes have become well-known athletes over the years.

But despite their notoriety, they occasionally experience star-struck moments. O’Neal, the player previously stated, really called a timeout once while representing the Los Angeles Lakers because he spotted Halle Berry in the audience.

Shaq spent eight of his 19 NBA seasons with the Lakers, which gave him the opportunity to play in front of several A-list celebrities. Celebrities like Jack Nicholson frequently sit courtside at the Staples Center, which likely increases the strain on the athletes taking part in the game that evening.

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