J Mulan’s Culture Queen Led Creative Talent Agency

J Mulan’s Culture Queen Led Creative Talent Agency

If Phil Knight’s maxim ‘play by the rules, but be ferocious’ is being done justice by someone, then it’s undoubtedly this 25-year-old lady lifestyle curator and media management expert J Mulan.

Jaleska ‘J Mulan’ Holman has become a very successful name in the entertainment, sports, and fashion industry. All credits to her contemporary skills and competencies. She is the owner of the creative talent agency based in Houston, Texas ‘JMulan Agency’.

JMulan Agency is a professional and highly revered artist management, casting, creative branding, and celebrity promotion agency that deals in movie casting, artist development, direction, event curation, and brand-placements. The service that J Mulan masters is Creative direction to companies through social media and advertising.

In the contemporary world, everyone wants to make it through to the world of glitz and glamour. Former actress and model turned entrepreneur Ms. Jaleska ensures and enables others to live their dreams. You ask how?

Jaleska created the JMulan Agency after personally being a model and actress for some time in her life. JMulan Agency has earned recognition for itself in the media-entertainment industry as well as the fashion-showbiz realm. It has become an agency that everyone wants to associate with given its excellent track record of ‘meeting the people’s needs where they are’.

The sole objective of ‘value addition’ and ‘meeting the needs of clients’ are upheld in every project that Jaleska undertakes. To do justice to the statement, it’s polite to enlighten you that JMulan Agency has worked with well-known celebrities such as Travis Scott, Drake, PopSmoke, Justin Combs, Kream Christian Combs, Quincy Combs, Sean Combs, Maxim Magazine, BET, Megan Thee Stallion, and many others await to be a part of this list.

One of the greatest accomplishments, she nostalgically recalls, was casting a young girl for a Travis Scott video who was initially rejected. After bettering her craft, JMulan Agency made it an endeavor to get her the position right off the top. ‘Her hug filled with excitement was one of the most remarkable feelings I’ve ever experienced’, comments Jaleska.

In her spare time, Jaleska makes it a necessity to spend time on amelioration of her skills and talents, and with everything Jaleska and her agency have got cooking, the showbiz industry remains in deep awe of this young lady who has fought for what she deserves and within no time, reached the top of the competence ladder.

“Perseverance, hard work, and persistence are paramount to my success”, says Jaleska.

An overused but befitting maxim to describe wonder-lady J Mulan shall be “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”. Jaleska has proven every ounce of it and continues to do so till date.

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