It’s Not Lonely at The Top: Kyle Reynolds and the Rise of Top Floor Management News

It’s Not Lonely at The Top: Kyle Reynolds and the Rise of Top Floor Management

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Time icon April 20, 2021

Kyle Reynolds is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has built a highly successful talent management agency. With over 125 million followers across social media, Reynolds recognizes the power of networking and sharing connections in developing any business – especially in the entertainment industry. His company, Top Floor Management has been built on just that principle. Using his extensive network, Kyle has connected over 100 creators and artists to work with 12,000+ brands on paid gigs. Kyle’s team also offers consultations and subscription services to help artists build and grow their personal brands. Top Floor Management is an elite management company that is paving the way for new and existing creators and artists to take their work to the next level. 

Before Kyle launched Top Floor Management, his life looked pretty ordinary. He attended college at Northern Illinois, Elmhurst University and later at UCLA. He played on the school team with aspirations to join the NBA when he graduated. While others may have lacked the drive to push themselves, Kyle did not. He dedicated his few years of school to basketball, determined to accomplish his goals. However, he soon came to a surprising realization. As much as he loved his team and playing basketball, he was meant to do something else.

Stepping away from basketball, Kyle’s path led him to a new world. Connecting with a member of Post Malone’s inner circle, Kyle was introduced to the LA scene. Modeling, music, a little acting- he did it all. “I felt like all I was doing was working out, going to auditions and casting calls and waiting for callbacks.” It was a rough time, but he enjoyed it. Constantly attending different auditions and casting calls, he realized that many of his friends could do well in this field. He started inviting his buddies to different calls to compete for roles and brand deals. “I didn’t view it as competition. Either I got it or they got it, and they gave me a cut for helping them out.” Little did he know, this was the beginning of his rise to the top. In 2017, he would officially launch his business Top Floor Management

Kyle and Top Floor Management have thrived during the three years since then. The road was not easy, but now, Kyle has built one of the top premier talent management agencies in the industry. Having landed deals with companies like Hulu, Manscaped, Sephora, FashionNova and many more, Top Floor Management is fully capable of providing its clients with quality support and deals. Some of his clients include big names Cameron Dallas , Lance Stewart and Hannah Grace Colin, as well as some upcoming stars like Bianca Gonzalez, Janae & Derrick, and the Manchurek Triplets.

When asked what sets him apart from others Kyle answered. “I think it’s two things. One I’m a really genuine guy. I really want to spread the love and help people. Second, I want to help people realize it doesn’t have to be lonely on your way to the top.” He continued to explain how he wants to do things differently. He realizes that he wouldn’t have made it without the help of others and he wants to pass that along. Everything Top Floor Management does is built around helping others make it to the ‘Top Floor.’ “It’ll come back to you. Helping others always pays back.” For that reason, Kyle is dedicated to helping everyone. Whether assisting celebrities maintain their brand or an upcoming star to build one, Kyle will give his everything to help them succeed. When asked what is next, Kyle mentioned taking Top Floor Management to, well, the top floor. “In the next few years, I see us having an exclusive penthouse club. Somewhere that my clients can connect with other talents and build relationships. Because that’s what it’s all about. Building relationships.” Extremely talented and ambitious, Kyle is striving to help others make it to the top.

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