It’s Getting Harder To Buy Celine Because of LISA of BLACKPINK, Here’s Why

Lalisa Manoban, or LISA of BLACKPINK, is one of the most famous and loved K-pop artists of today. She is not only known as LISA the multitalented BLACKPINK member, but also as a solo artist LALISA who continues to solidify her place in the global entertainment, fashion, and music industries.

LISA was first announced as the global ambassador of CELINE back in 2020, and ever since she has been part of a range of successful global campaigns for the brand. She even name-dropped the brand in her hit song money and recently in pink venom by BLACKPINK. LISA’s influence as an artist and a public figure is well-understood today. Her solo debut received success that even many groups in Korea fail to achieve. She’s the most followed kpop artist on Instagram and recently made history as the first solo kpop artist to win a VMA, despite being Thai.

Following its release in the fall of last year, Lisa’s first solo song, “Lalisa,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Global 200 list and at No. 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was included on Lisa’s single album of the same name, which also contained “Money,” a song she wrote as a b-side. Lisa became the third member of BLACKPINK to go solo after the release. With “SOLO,” Jennie was the first to make her solo entrance in November 2018. Rosé came next, releasing R, her sole album, along with “On The Ground” and “Gone” in March 2021. Solo debut of JISOO is next in line, which is rumored for a 2023 release.

LISA’s Influence Impact On Celine

A recent tweet by a fan revealed that it is getting harder and harder to buy Celine products and the reason is LISA. There aren’t many Celine stores in asian countries, where the majority of the LISA fandom resides. Because of which the few Asian Celine stores that do exist quickly run out of stock. The fan related that they usually have to wait for months for their turn to buy new Celine products.

The roughly translated tweet reads, ““Due to LISA’s influence, It’s getting harder & harder to buy
@celineofficial. The latest store she (the fan) went to is a Singapore store. She wanted to buy a shirt. You gotta wait on the waiting list for over a month. SA of the SG store also praised Lisa about her impact.”

Considering what we have seen regarding LISA’s global influence, this is hardly surprising. LISA is currently gearing up for another comeback with her group BLACKPINK, who is releasing their second full album BORN PINK on September 16, the first teaser for which is dropping tonight at 12AM KST.


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