“It Ends With Us” Movie Adaptation Sparks Mixed Reactions with Casting Choices

Sony Pictures is adapting Colleen Hoover’s bestselling romance novel ‘It Ends With Us’ into a film, with Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni collaborating as executive producers. The novel, originally published in 2016, has been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 90 weeks and has sold over 20 million copies.

The screenplay for the film adaptation is being written by Christy Hall; known for ‘I Am Not Okay With This’; and the film will be directed by Justin Baldoni. However, the internet has not been thrilled with the casting choices for the film adaptation.

For those unfamiliar, Justin Baldoni is an actor and filmmaker, best known for his role as Rafael Solano on the CW series ‘Jane the Virgin’. He has also received praise for directing films like ‘Five Feet Apart’ and ‘Clouds’. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Baldoni started his career by writing and directing music videos. He later created a digital documentary series titled ‘My Last Days’ in 2012; which became one of the most streamed series and led to a second season on the CW.

The plot of ‘It Ends With Us’ follows a small-town girl named Lily; who moves to Boston to set up her business. She becomes smitten with neurosurgeon Ryle, but his “complete aversion to relationships” is unsettling.

As Lily becomes the exception to his “no dating” rule, she begins to wonder what made him that way. Her thoughts are further complicated when her first love, Atlas Corrigan, suddenly reappears, threatening her relationship with Ryle.

The casting choices for the film adaptation have been met with disappointment by many social media users; with many feeling that the actors chosen do not match their expectations of the characters. Some users have also expressed disappointment that; Blake Lively is working on a romance film instead of a more serious project.

They think that other actors, like Abigal Cowen, would have been a better fit for the roles. No official release date for the film adaptation has been announced yet.


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