Israeli Model & Fitness Mentor Naor Yazdan Is Evolving The Culture of Health And Fitness Globally News

Israeli Model & Fitness Mentor Naor Yazdan Is Evolving The Culture of Health And Fitness Globally

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Time icon July 6, 2020

Most people dream of having a fit, healthy, and well-toned body. However, the truth of the matter is, some simply do not get the motivation to get up and train. The ones who do, either do not have the time, or adequate guidance/facilities. Another challenge in this space is the generalized approach of gyms towards fitness training, that might not be suitable for everyone. A combination of all these factors is hindering the growth of a global fitness revolution. 

In this context, Naor Yazdan, an Israeli fashion model and fitness mentor, is doing his bit by inspiring people across the world to take up fitness seriously. He has also launched an online fitness program, using which enthusiasts can practice fitness from the comfort of their own homes, while also getting proper end-to-end guidance. 

Naor Yazdan’s Fitness Journey

Naor Yazdan’s fitness journey started out of necessity. He started taking fitness seriously when he was serving the Israeli army. After retiring from the Army, Naor forayed into the modeling space. And this profession demanded a fit, well-shaped body. However, even after trying various fitness regimes available online, consulting with bodybuilders and local gyms, Naor could not find a solution that would even get him close to the level of fitness he was looking for. 

Eventually, he started to understand fitness through hours of advanced research, reading tons of books, online materials, etc. He understood that fitness is an extremely personalized niche, where everyone requires a specific approach to get the results. 

Today, Naor is one of the top models in Israel. He is also a recognized fitness mentor and motivates hundreds of thousands of people across the world. 

Naor has recently launched his online fitness program to guide people through their fitness transition. Given the current global scenario, the program is even more relevant as people can continue their regimes through online guidance, without risking themselves by physically interacting with others at the gym. Here are the excerpts from a recent interview which aimed to understand Naor Yazdan’s perspective towards fitness. 

Why do you think pursuing fitness is important? 

 strongly believe that everyone should pursue fitness at a certain level. Not everyone needs to have a professional level of fitness. But basic physical well-being is extremely important – just to be in shape, feel healthy. And you can do it, with hard work and persistence. 

What is your motivation behind starting an online fitness program? 

I have grown up as a thin kid. I was only 55kgs while I was serving the Army. Today, I have the knowledge, and all I can do is share with people across the world, motivate them to understand the value of having a fit and healthy body.

Tell us a bit about how you are executing the training program? 

I have designed this fitness program in a very inclusive manner. I have tried to cover all the aspects which people usually look for.  It is an end-to-end offering – A diverse workout plan to focus on every aspect of general fitness, A personalized diet plan, Supplementation plans, 24/7 Support through email and WhatsApp, Regular handouts for best fitness practices, Lifetime access to private advice and tips group, and a personalized dashboard for tracking progress. 

Training Global Fitness Enthusiasts

Naor Yazdan constantly connects with more than 100K people globally, inspiring them about the perks of pursuing fitness. The recently launched online fitness program is an extension to that initiative. Through this, Naor provides personalized guidance to all enrolled participants, based on their exact body type, fitness goals, stamina, and other factors. 

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