Island Boys Respond To Criticism After They Stormed Off Logan Paul’s Impaulsive Podcast

Logan Paul’s ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast is one of the finest podcasts in the world. Logan co-hosts the show with fellow friends Mike Maljak and George Janko. They recently prepared for one of the best and possibly most hyped show of the year when they invited Island Boys to the podcast.

However, just one day before the official podcast with Island Boys came out on YouTube, the Instagram handle of Impaulsive shared a video which showed the twins [Island Boys] in a verbal battle with one of the co-hosts pf Impaulsive, George Janko. But what really happened?

What Really Happened?

George Janko suggested Island Boys that they can sell their expensive jewelry and invest the proceeds into some cash generating asset [in case] their rap career would not work out. This offended the musical twins and they started a confrontation with Geroge.

“I don’t need financial advice when I probably make more money than you,” one of them said to George.

This ended up in the Island Boys storming off from Impaulsive, becoming the first guests of the show to have walked off mid-way. Now that the audience has started criticizing their rude and abrupt behavior on the podcast, the twins have some explaining to do.

‘Someone Had To Ruin It’

“Man, stop. You know for a fact that man won’t fold me. Let’s be positive though, man. On a positive note, it was gonna be a very good podcast but someone had to ruin it by speaking nonsense.”

“This is the problem. Me and you are two different people. If someone’s talking about your financials to you, it’s not a problem for you. But if someone’s talking about my financials, I don’t wanna hear it. You’re not the one that’s making me a million dollars. I made a million dollars myself.”

“Him, he ain’t never made me no million dollars. He doesn’t have to give me financial advice. Telling me to sell my jewelry that I worked so hard for and I accomplished, I don’t gotta do that. Because I make money so I don’t have to sell nothing. So, he’s wrong.”

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