Island Boys Engage In A Feud With Bryce Hall On TikTok

The Island Boys have been the talk of the town lately. And now, the musical twins have got into a war of words with TikToker Bryce Hall after Bryce commented under of their videos.

The twins have been in the news for their gimmicks. Be it getting booed on their first live performance in Miami, storming off the IMPAULSIVE podcast, or being kicked out of the Tyron Woodley Vs Jake Paul 2 fight.

The Background

Island Boys rose to fame with their rap song ‘Island Boys’ which went viral on the internet. Since then, they have also released a remix of the Island Boys song in order to show support for Jake Paul during his rematch against Tyron Woodley.

Coming back to their most recent feud with Bryce Hall, the TikToker commented under one of their videos saying “Guys… he’s thuggin, chill out”. Bryce Hall actually was referring to the viral clip of Island Boys storming off from IMPAULSIVE podcast as they say “You know I’m thugging, right?”

Island Boys hit back at Bryce Hall with new TikTok beef - The Hiu

The Island Boys took Bryce’s comment to heart and immediately reacted to it in a new TikTok video.

‘Stay Thuggin’ Brotha’

“What did Bryce Hall do?” he chuckled after reciting his history. “Hey listen man, I was in and out, that’s all I gotta say,” the other chimed in.

Bryce Hall responded to them again with a new TikTok video in which he says “I didn’t realize I was messing with the gangstas,” as he laughs along. “Stay thuggin’ brotha!”

What do you think happens next? Some netizens have already started wishing for a Bryce Hall Vs Island Boys boxing match. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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