Ishq E Laa: Shanaya And Azan Had Arguments

The latest episode of Ishq E Laa had something alerting for everyone. Indeed, it covered many difficult and life-altering decisions made by some of the main characters. Though writer did an incredible job of setting the perfect foundation for the important developments in this episode.

The audience saw a clash between Shanaya played by Sajal Ali and Azlan played by Azan Sami Khan. Their different ideas and ideals clearly well established right from the onset. At the same time, both of them wanted to make this relationship work. Also, shown convincingly especially ever since they got married.

Likewise, Arbab Haroon’s role in this entire scenario and most importantly the kind of support Azlaan’s father extended to his friend was completely unexpected. The whole scene was covered with the utmost precision.

Though Shanaya father-in-law always came across as someone who wouldn’t impose his decisions on others. But shockingly this time he did. He decided to stand by his ‘friend’s’ side owing to the advantage. He acquired in his business because of him. Arbab Haroon was a client he could not afford to lose or offend. Read: Unexpected: Sajal Aly Comment Over Parizaad & Ahmed Ali Akbar

Likewise, the negative character Arbab Haroon’s visit to Sultan’s house clearly shows that he knows his oponent well. He knew that Shanaya was not even going to listen to her in-laws. Therefore he tried his best.

The Ishq E Laa OST composed and sung by Azaan Sami Khan. It has been composed and sung so well that the scenes in which it is played in the background automatically become more impactful. The complications between Azlan and Shanaya have not dimmed down the intensity of their feelings for each other. Sajal Aly and Azaan Sami Khan’s fiery on-screen chemistry makes this couple truly come alive on screen.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.

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