Ishq E Laa: Episode 9 Has Some Important Turns

The latest episode of Ishq-e-Laa is creating a lot of buzz with some important developments. And it should, because the story processed with the Sultan’s death and Azlaan’s dissapointment.

The characters and their individual stories are slowly making more sense than they did in the initial few episodes. Beautifully emphasised on the visuals in certain scenes, affected overall scenes.

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Indeed, Shanaya’s birthday surprise shown in the most elaborate and beautiful manner. It was like a scene out of a film. This was such an important episode in terms of narrative progression yet Shanaya’s mother was literally absent. Shanaya’s charity work is to be the source of friction between the newlyweds but this particular angle is being linked to Azka’s track in an interesting manner. Also Read: Iqra Aziz & Yasir Son, Kabir Is On Instagram

Shanaya and Azlan’s priorities and outlook towards life were always different. Therefore it was just a matter of time that these differences created a rift between the two. The beautiful and romantic start to Azlan and Shanaya’s married life, definitely the biggest surprise.

Azaan Sami Khan and Sajal Aly’s on-screen chemistry has also made their couple one which viewers have all the reasons to root for. But it is quite clear that Azlan will also experience a big loss which will alter the course of his track. Ishq-e-Laa, therefore, is not entirely Azlaan and Shanaya’s love story. Indeed, their track will be utilized to carry forward the main messages which will most likely be spiritual.

This Hum Tv drama is different and the stroy is picking up pace with each passing episode. The preview of the next episode suggested that Sultan’s killers will be forgiven but then the previews of this drama have been quite misleading 

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