Is Vince McMahon working from the shadows?

McMahon, embroiled in his most recent scandal, when he resigned as CEO of WWE. Even while he still was leading the creative team it was later on figured by man fans that the possibility that he won’t be running the business for much longer.

However, McMahon emphasized that he had no intention of departing in exile or dishonor. McMahon actually had no plans to depart.

Things are awkward for WWE right now

The method contrasts the gravity of the claimed misconduct: According to the Wall Street Journal, McMahon settled an affair with a former employee for $3 million as hush money. John Laurinaitis, the director of talent relations, was also placed on administrative leave, so McMahon is not the only one. He is said to have had a relationship with the same worker.

According to Conspiracy Theorists

Not only have conspiracy theorists and fans made the claim that former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon is still in charge of the wrestling company, but former WWE Champions CM Punk and Bobby Lashley have also made the same claim. While Lashley implied in a recent interview that his former employer will still have creative influence over the course of WWE programming, Punk ridiculed the concept of McMahon ceding control of the company.

The actual situation seems to be very different, though. Since his retirement or resignation, McMahon has not visited WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, attended any meetings, or had any correspondence with the company. McMahon has also been dropped from the whole corporate structure of the business as well as the internal roster of performers.

What will happen to the backlash?

What happens next will determine whether McMahon makes it out of this alive. The ramifications of ugly truths coming to light would be severe since WWE is a publicly listed corporation that is required to abide by corporate governance. But it’s not all bad news for WWE, as the business has been making money at a record-breaking rate. For Stephanie McMahon, the temporary CEO, this is a huge opportunity. Despite the fact that the role is intended to be transitory, she has the chance to demonstrate her ability to successfully run the business. She will need to keep making good earnings and keeping the business moving forward in order to do that.

Vince McMahon will continue to be at the core of WWE’s future. But it raises the serious issue of how long it will endure structure.

Some say he still have the access to the building

According to an article, a common query from WWE staff members is if McMahon still has access to the gym in Titan Tower. Nobody in WWE has heard of him really travelling there, though.

McMahon’s building block

A fan stated, ”Summerslam and WWE Raw would not have resembled what they did if Vince McMahon had remained engaged in any way. There wouldn’t have been any Summerslam rematches on Raw, and Dakota wouldn’t have been brought back.”

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