Is Netflix is going to remove their upcoming movie “Cuties” from their service or it’s going to stay? News

Is Netflix is going to remove their upcoming movie “Cuties” from their service or it’s going to stay?

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Time icon September 6, 2020

The whole thing regarding Netflix these days is without a doubt has been able to become a mainstream event and the news which we are going to tell you today is something which is definitely going to make you interest you.

Netflix recently released a movie that goes by the name of “Cuties”. The movie in all senses has been able to provide great content but the main issue regarding the whole thing that it has been able to show a lot of teenage sexuality.

Those tiny teens who are wearing these short clothes have basically become something of a huge issue. For some people, the movie is pretty bizarre as it has been able to show a lot of teenage sexuality and among them, there are some who also give death threats to the director of the movie, Maïmouna Doucouré.

Apology After Poster Release

After facing such kind of dangerous issues the co-CEO Ted Sarandos called the director of the movie and told her to apologize after the poster came out.

Other than that, The movie has been able to achieve a lot of positive remarks regarding the whole plot and the way it was able to distinguish itself from others. The whole movie is about an 11-year-old who joins a dance group and the story focuses on the situation on how sexualization is such a problem in the entertainment industry.

But it looks like the movie could be dropped down any time soon as the poster has been able to stir enough controversy that, millions of people are signing an online petition to make sure that the movie shall be removed immediately.

But some are there to save the film as the poster doesn’t really represent the movie as something which actually talks about tackling the whole kind of dirty things which the entertainment industry has been able to practice for a long time.

There were a lot of mainstream actresses who were also there to support the movie as for them it was a huge disappointment as just by looking at the poster they have been able to judge the whole thing. It’s really a shame.

The French government was able to provide a huge amount of support and also the media has been able to remain very supportive as they have watched the movie and really focused on those parts of the movie which really talked about the whole sexuality act which has been able to remain in the industry.

So, The movie is still on the debate whether it’s going to be released on Netflix or not but one thing is for sure that this whole thing is going to become a hotbed of conflict as neither of the sides is backing down.

So, let’s see when this whole thing will be resolved and for the time being let’s just focus on some other wonderful content that Netflix has been able to provide us continuously and effortlessly.

And let’s hope everything works out for the best and the times also turns out for the best.

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