Is Marvel soon launching a new show based around Wanda Vision?

Given the number of releases Marvel has on their calendar, it’s been a busy year for the Marvel franchise. Following the blockbuster hit Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has introduced a new wave of superheroes, including Wanda-Vision, MoonKnight, and Ms.Marvel.

For all Marvel fans out there, this year has been a busy one. As an MCU fan, this year again will be full of emotions as you will be introduced to a new generation of superheroes, and you will witness many inspiring stories as a new chapter of the marvel universe unfolds.

Guess which other new superhero Marvel has been having under their sleeve that we would be witnessing very soon on the small screen?

It is none other than Wonder Man!

A recent report from THR has suggested that Wonder Man would be soon coming to the small screen making its debut in the MCU. Destin Daniel Cretton, the director of Shang-chi: The Legend of Ten Rings (MCU movie), is reportedly set to be directing this new series along with the writer of Brooklyn Nine-Nine-  Andrew Guest.

Wonder Man’s debut in the MCU

Wonder Man is also known as Simon Williams according to the Marvel comics. Simon Williams is yet to make his appearance in the MCU movies. He is forced to save his family and lead the superhumans group- Avengers, and gain the superhuman powers.

Despite not being a famous superhero in the Marvel universe, Wonder Man plays an important role in the comics. He was first introduced in 1964 in the Marvel comics. He is a villain turned hero, who found the right path eventually and became the leader of the West Coast of Avengers. But soon he became more of a celebrity icon and was not doing much to save the world.

Wonder Man’s power includes teleportation, the ability to change his size, and manipulation. His powers are similar to that of Wanda.

According to the comics, Vision who was first seen in The Avengers: Age of Ultron is connected to Wonder Man. It is said that the sythezoid Vision was made of and his brain waves were based on Simon. In other comics, the connection between Simon and Vision even led to them getting romantically involved with each other.

So, it would make sense if Wonder Man is first introduced alongside Wanda and eventually show the build-up of the characters.

It would be too early to portray him as a villain as he was forced into a situation, but later he deviated from the path of evil and came to the path of light to be known as one of the powerful heroes he is.

It would be interesting to see how Williams as a character would be in his journey in MCU. As of now, it is in an early stage of development and no official date of premiere has been released.

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