Is Huma Qureshi’s Geeta alive or dead in the Army of the Dead? News

Is Huma Qureshi’s Geeta alive or dead in the Army of the Dead?

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Time icon May 23, 2021

After being accused of several incidents of sexual assault, director Zack Snyder pulled off a covert switcheroo in Army of the Dead, replacing disgraced comedian Chris D’Elia with Tig Notaro in post-production. The expensive reshoots may be the explanation for the film’s ambiguous ending for Huma Qureshi’s character, Geeta. There are spoilers ahead.

The plot revolves around a quest to save Geeta, a refugee mother who goes into a zombie-infested quarantine zone in search of money. When she fails to return, a squad of mercenaries on another quest decides to save her as well.

Scott Ward, played by Dave Bautista, leads the gang, with his daughter Kate serving as the story’s moral core. Kate is the one who insists on rescuing Geeta. The team is racing against the clock because the president has agreed to drop a nuclear bomb on the quarantined city of Las Vegas in an attempt to exterminate all zombies. Scott and Kate find Geeta alive near the end of the movie, and the trio makes their way to the Olympus hotel and casino’s roof, where their getaway helicopter was supposed to be waiting.

However, there is no helicopter in sight when they arrive. To make matters worse, they’re being pursued by Zeus, the zombie warlord. Marianne Peters, Tig Notaro’s helicopter pilot, arrives at the last minute to save them. It is known that Geeta boarded the helicopter and sat next to Marianne in the front. We don’t see Huma again after one shot of her staring at the approaching nuclear bomb.

Scott tries to kill Zeus in the ensuing battle, but he is bitten. Although the helicopter crashes and burns, Scott and Kate are unharmed. After Kate wakes up and walks over to the wreckage, it is implied that both Geeta and Marianne die in the accident. Snyder does not clearly specify Geeta’s condition when she sees Marianne’s lifeless body.

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