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Is Hrithik Roshan smoking in this picture while talking to his kids? Actor clarifies!

A recent viral picture of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan left his fans wondering if he is smoking on front of his kids – Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

Fans always look upto the Bollywood stars and see their idle in them. That is why it becomes all the more important for the celebs to set a good example for everyone. Something similar happened recently when a picture of actor Hrithik Roshan went viral on social media.


The picture had an illusion of Hrithik holding something in his hand. And a fan was quick to assume that he is smoking while talking to his kids – Hrehaan and Hridhaan. She asked on Twitter, “Does @iHrithik have a cigarette in his hand or am i seeing wrong? I hope you don’t @iHrithik. It makes me very very sorry.”

What Hrithik replied to her is something that won our hearts. He wrote, “I am a non smoker, and if I was Krrish , first thing I’d do after eradicating this virus would be to decimate every last cigarette from this planet.”


Well, all of us know how Hrithik is known for his fitness. He follows a very strict and healthy lifestyle and has stressed now and again on the need of it.

Meanwhile, Hrithik is currently staying with his ex-wife Sussanne Khan and his two kids amid the lockdown. The family recently had a virtual celebration of Rakesh Roshan and Pinky Roshan’s 50th wedding anniversary.


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